Hamburger Helper Helps US



If you watched US vs. England in the World Cup, if you “REALLY” watched, meaning you sat glued to the screen because there were really no moments to leave without missing some action, you would have witnessed an amazing goal-llllllllllllllllllllllllll!

Most of the media is portraying this Green guy as a goat, as if the shot he mishandled was “easy” and whatnot.  The IP thinks it was a good shot, and anyone who has played goalie in any sport would tell you that sometimes it’s the slower, bouncier shots that are hardest to handle.  But there is one area here where The IP has a problem:What’s with the Hamburger Helper gloves?

Jeez Louise! No wonder he couldn’t handle that relatively slow shot. Who could with those Hamburger Helper gloves? The IP figures they don’t ban them because they’re stupid and nobody sees them as an advantage.  Ironically, he later made a great goal-saving play where those gloves looked like they actually helped.

Blog at ya later.


One Response to “Hamburger Helper Helps US”

  1. Marlone Says:

    I don’t understand why you call them “Hamburger Helper” gloves. I guess I don’t watch enough TV.

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