Creeping Capitalism (not that that is a bad thing)

Whatever happened to the idea of “public?” The IP has been frustrated of late as he sees the effects of Creeping Capitalism upon the once-public realms of our society. It’s not that he “hates” capitalism, it’s just that having a vibrant public sector that is not beholden to corporations has always been seen by him as one of America’s virtues. That idea seems rather quaint these days, especially now that corporations are considered “people“ thanks to The Supreme Court. Private as the new Public. Sponsored by Publix.

Here in metro Atlanta, two blatant examples of Creeping Capitalism syndrome are found in the area’s “public” schools. Case # 1 involves using school signs (now called “marquees” by the consultants) as nothing less than advertising space (now known as “sponsorship”):

That marquee is so classy. The doric columns exude refinement and taste, as well as associations with tire stores and landscraping services.  The latter are the beginings of a new, particularly American House of Medici (with worse taste). 

The other example is the use of public schools for the location of cellphone towers.  The IP heard that some people were upset about this, and he was pleased that they cared; but then he read the following:

“Critics argue the towers are ugly, lower property values and have not been conclusively proved to be safe from health risks.”

Jeez. They don’t even care about the principle of having truly public institutions remain so; they are more concerned about aesthetics, property values, and what they call “health.” WTF?  Where is the PUBLIC anymore?  The IP actually likes the look of radio towers, he just wishes that they would be for highschool radio stations rather than Sprint cellphone relays.

The IP knows he is tilting at windmills here, but he likes the idea of public schools rather than Publix schools.

Peach Out!


2 Responses to “Creeping Capitalism (not that that is a bad thing)”

  1. So, reduce tax income by lowering property values.

    Become more dependent on commercial income which may or may not persist with changes in technology.

    Give access to public school facilities by telcom pedophiles.

    Now if they have some classes where geeks and nerds learn about the technology of modern telecommunications, that would help.
    Just make sure the kids have their slef-defense classes completed.

    That marquee is quite foul.
    How about a cheaper sign and no brown-nosing Mammon?

  2. Did you know I am a graduate of that high school? Sponsorship came after my time there. We used to have a plain ole brick sign. I will say those sponsors give the school a lot. You should see the Landscaping & construction going on there.

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