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Self Basting in Tennessee

Posted in Uncategorized on November 28, 2011 by braincoffey

Whenever The IP travels through small-town America, he likes to pick up a copy of the local newspaper and take a break from big-city issues and worries.  Such “local” news can also provide some needed humor.  Yet even The IP was not prepared for this particular story:

Special thanks to the Citizen Tribune for providing The IP and his Black Friday companions with such a good story.

Veggies Are Pissed!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2011 by braincoffey

If anything, at least Herman Cain provides fodder for Stephen Colbert and John Stewart. His latest juvenile and paranoid comments involve the relative masculinity of veggie vs. meat pizza. The IP ain’t no sweat-lodging, New Aging vegematerian, but to diss veggie pizzas as being “sissy” pretty much sums up the level of political rhetoric we have come to associate with Cain. That he has any traction at all begs incredulity.*

“A manly man don’t want it piled high with vegetables! He would call that a sissy pizza.”

*Actually, if you read the GQ interview, you get a feel for why people like him.  He’s the anti-politician, the man’s man.   And he CAN be funny, when he is not bigoted and homophobic and hyper-heterosexualist.   For better and for worse, he uses a more honest language than the other candidates…that’s why people like him (or don’t; or both).


Delta State’s Fighting Okra are fighting mad at Cain!


It is reported that the grain community is considering joining the veggies.


Anywaze, here is a 60s chestnut that puts things in perspective.   Blog at ya later.

Creeping Capitalism (not that that is a bad thing)

Posted in Uncategorized on November 4, 2011 by braincoffey

Whatever happened to the idea of “public?” The IP has been frustrated of late as he sees the effects of Creeping Capitalism upon the once-public realms of our society. It’s not that he “hates” capitalism, it’s just that having a vibrant public sector that is not beholden to corporations has always been seen by him as one of America’s virtues. That idea seems rather quaint these days, especially now that corporations are considered “people“ thanks to The Supreme Court. Private as the new Public. Sponsored by Publix.

Here in metro Atlanta, two blatant examples of Creeping Capitalism syndrome are found in the area’s “public” schools. Case # 1 involves using school signs (now called “marquees” by the consultants) as nothing less than advertising space (now known as “sponsorship”):

That marquee is so classy. The doric columns exude refinement and taste, as well as associations with tire stores and landscraping services.  The latter are the beginings of a new, particularly American House of Medici (with worse taste). 

The other example is the use of public schools for the location of cellphone towers.  The IP heard that some people were upset about this, and he was pleased that they cared; but then he read the following:

“Critics argue the towers are ugly, lower property values and have not been conclusively proved to be safe from health risks.”

Jeez. They don’t even care about the principle of having truly public institutions remain so; they are more concerned about aesthetics, property values, and what they call “health.” WTF?  Where is the PUBLIC anymore?  The IP actually likes the look of radio towers, he just wishes that they would be for highschool radio stations rather than Sprint cellphone relays.

The IP knows he is tilting at windmills here, but he likes the idea of public schools rather than Publix schools.

Peach Out!