Mike Brady’s Second Car

Mike Brady’s second car was another behemoth, a 1970 Plymouth Fury III convertible:

The above screen captures not only show the car (ragtop up), but the infamous Brady house as well

Exhibiting Chrysler’s new “fuselage” styling, Mr. Brady’s Fury III really filled the driveway at 4222 Clinton Way.

So, just what is “fuselage” styling?  Let’s let Chrysler explain:

Click on the image to enlarge…

Of course, a convertible with its top down kinda defeats the concept of fuselage,” but in sunny California, who can blame Mr. Brady for preferring a big open boat like a ragtop Fury III?  Especially when he can get his kids to wash it for him:



2 Responses to “Mike Brady’s Second Car”

  1. The Bradys’ environs look depressingly like where I live.
    A cool car (if you can call it that; I cringe to think how often the bottom of the car must hit the driveway or some bump)…does not make up for architectural dullness, unimaginative landscaping, the lack of people, the lack of, well, a lively culture. I hate the nuclear family. And I’ve never even watched “The Brady Bunch.” NEVER !!!

  2. Really? Lighten up a bit! Maybe your panties are too tight? Let me guess???? Your unhappy, single, and jack off a lot! Your such a Dick!

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