OK pithecanthropes, The IP knows it’s been a long time since he blogged at ya, but all he can say is WTF!

The IP will begin this new cycle of posts with a continuation of a previous series; that is, the cars of Classic TV.

First up is the Brady’s first car, a kickin’ 1968 slab Dodge Polara (at that time the only full-sized Dodge available in the U.S. as a convertible), as depicted in the pilot episode:

Something about the above screen-capture image is absolutely magical. It comes across as a curious painting, or a hazy mental memory of 1968 Anglo-American suburbia (or merely a screen capture from the pilot episode of the Brady Bunch).



2 Responses to “Polara”

  1. It’s magical, maybe, because that car is the only thing on the street. It’s an empty landscape, except for the car. It’s a silver chariot, swinging low. That picture, for me, emphasizes the voidness of suburbia except for the little whirlwind of cameraderie inside the car.

  2. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    Skirted fenders.

    Love the slabbiness, though.

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