Save The Date!!


Already this week, The IP has noticed several WTFs, one in the “news,” and two on the street ; they don‘t bode well for our popular culture:

1. A Book About The “True” Story of How Some 4-Year-Old Kid Visited a Christocentric Heaven Was Recently # 1 at Both Amazon and NYT (it still may be for all The IP knows):

“Evidently,” the little tyke sat on JC’s lap and everyone there had wings (even his great grampa).  He even got to meet his nameless miscarried younger sister.  The IP would guess that his actual earthbound father is a good business man, if an unethical one (unless he is donating a portion of his huge profits to the poor).  Read more here.  

2. The IP Has Been Noticing Several WTF Billboards Around Metro Atlanta:

Love that old-skool starburst “guarantee.” WTF? That’s supposed to make it legit? What does one get for a refund if JC is a no-show?  And does that Judgement Day start earlier in Australia?

There is something charmingly hillarious about this one (unless it’s really gonna happen).  Again, money must be involved.  Call the FCC.  More info here.  

Blog at ya later (at least until 5/21).


2 Responses to “Save The Date!!”

  1. Fleischmanns Says:

    Funny, my 11-year-old thinks the end of the world will be December
    21st, 2012. Don’t ask me where he gets his information, but he’s watching a TV special on it right now, and can’t wait till it happens, because then he won’t have to go to school (!).

  2. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    I’ll be so pissed off if this doesn’t happen.
    Should I go around taking people out ( aka pre-boarding) who have a high likelihood of being raptured?
    Since I’m going to Hell anyway, I might as well just be spiteful.

    Nah, sloth is my favorite of the seven.

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