A Seemingly Un-ending Rainy Day in Georgia

For this post, 4 “WTF?” stories related to the “State” of Georgia. Georgia is one of the top states for such stories (click on the blue links):

# 1. Abortion, Miscarriage = Death Penalty

Like something out of a Margaret Atwood novel, Georgia state Rep. Bobby Franklin -because there are some things more important than a tanked Georgia economy, total lack of planning, high unemployment and forclosure rates- has introduced a bill that would apply the death penalty to women who would have the audacity to miscarry!

This From The Always-humorous Wonkette.


#2. We in Forsyth County Like Christians, but not THOSE kinds of Christians!

The suburbs north of Atlanta, famous for facilitating one of the larger White Flight movements in the history of the United States, are always wary of plans that might result in more brown-hued people in their municipalities. Of course, they don’t say that in so many words, but their obfuscation is no less transparent than a piece of Saran Wrap. In this case, it’s a Metro Atlanta YMCA Summer Camp (= many black & hispanic kids) proposed for the great impoundment of Lake Lanier (at least it looks like the right thing will prevail in this case).

“Basically, it’s about preserving the lifestyle of the community and trying to keep it close to the natural state it’s in now.”


#3. Possible Link To MARTA Results in NIMBY Battle

Like #2 above, the mostly white, North Atlanta suburbs are fearful of the MARTA, which has always been understood by the same as an acronym for “Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta.”  People north of Altana are so frantic of maintaining barriers between themselves and the MARTA that any discussion of a link to the latter results in a panic, even when their own elected officials came up with the idea:

“We don’t need to wait for the next election,” said 24-year resident Hugh Schutte. “I’m going to find out what the process is for a recall and see if we can get them out of office now.”


#4. Georgia’s Christian Coalition Nukes Sunday Liquor Sales (in private)

Local control? Smaller government? Not when it comes to shoving your religious values down the throats of a majority of voters.

The above photo is from this person’s blog.  It’s a cool blog that seems abandoned. 

Jay Bookman’s Excellent Blog Post 

And just for kicks, here’s a bonus one fresh from today,  just to give you folks an idea of the great leaders we have in this state:

House Bill 401 


One Response to “A Seemingly Un-ending Rainy Day in Georgia”

  1. Marlone Says:

    Great bunch of posts there, Brain. It’s good for you that there are many things to be incredulous about! The spelling of your state needs to be corrected in number 4.
    OK, I NEED SOME VINYL LP-to-DIGITAL services. I have five platters I need to preserve/digitize. Can you recommend anyone? I will pay!

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