Impressive Impresario RIP

It’s hard for The IP to not appreciate the life of one of America’s most famous impresarios, Don Kirshner. His passing this week brought back memories of late Saturday nights as a teenager watching his Rock Concert show. If a rock or R&B band was on the charts at that time, it was almost guaranteed that they would get a gig on Kirshner’s show. Here’s a partial list from The Wiki: 

Sometimes it takes more than talent to get exposure, and Kirshner was one of those behind-the-scenes kinda guys that made things happen. Sure, his brief intros for the bands were kinda stiff, and he was far from charismatic, but for a teenage kid with nothing to do on a Saturday night, Don Kirshner was a good friend you could count on once a week for some actually-live music.


Where else could you see live rock acts like the one below for free on TV?



One Response to “Impressive Impresario RIP”

  1. Dr. Kinbote Says:

    You want Impressarios? How about Sol Hurock! He got Sviatalav Richter to do a U.S. tour. All tickets (Carnagie Hall) sold out the first morning available.Hurock also handled Jascha Heifetz, Vladimir Horowitz, Gilels, Galway, Orpheus Chamber Orch., virtually all the good string quartets, & much, much more

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