Vine Spectator

The world’s oldest winery was discovered in Armenia. Around 6,000-years old.

A wine archeologist on the BBC had some interesting things to say about this and similar finds. Perhaps the most interesting being that the success of these ancient wineries (and today’s) was contingent on having hermaphroditic vine stock. Imagine that.  MORE HERE.


2 Responses to “Vine Spectator”

  1. But it was really NO PROBLEM for them, right?
    “By far, the majority of cultivated varieties are hermaphroditic. Because fruit does not result without fertilization, hermaphroditic vines are preferred because they are capable of fertilizing themselves, and every vine planted is capable of bearing fruit.” (from your link)

  2. braincoffey Says:

    I am just a champion for hermaphrodites everywhere!! Jesus must have loved hermaphrodites because he was always usin’ wine to make a point.

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