Daniel Boone Was a Man (And So Was Ed Ames)


Hey all you pithecanthropes. Been a while since The IP blogged at ya. He’s just chillin’ at home, watching an old episode of Daniel Boone, and wondering if the predicted snowpocalypse will indeed make all of Atlanta crawl to a halt.

The IP was also thinking about that Arizona shooting. The rhetorical fallout from that event is gonna dominate “the news” for a long time. Of course, when “the news” is part of a for-profit enterprise, expect a lot of sound bites and quotes geared to upset and titillate. Gotta attract and retain viewers and Intar-Webs readers, after all.

That Laughner dude reminds The IP of an equally eccentric person that grew up in his neighborhood. Something in the eyes kinda telegraphs a certain level of mania. This childhood neighbor of The IP used to lecture him about the links between The Beatles White Album and Charlie Manson; he carried a worn copy of Helter Skelter (the book) in his back pocket.

If you think that Palin’s crosshairs were the only example of questionable Intar-Webs graphics related to Giffords, there are actually a lot more out there.

The IP found the above pic here. 

It probably took some people by surprise to find out that Gabrielle Giffords is Jewish. Now there’s a whole new anti-semitic angle playing out on the Intar-Webs.

But back to Daniel Boone. The IP forgot that thrift store vinyl crooner, Ed Ames, played Mingo the Indian on that show (above photo).  Ames was born of Ukranian Jewish parents, but his complextion and black hair made him a good fake Indian for that show.

The below clip featuring Ames (boy is he tall) is from an old Johnny Carson show.  Johnny takes advantage of the situation to make a “Jewish” joke.


2 Responses to “Daniel Boone Was a Man (And So Was Ed Ames)”

  1. I thought the Johnny Carson clip was great. Is that OK?

  2. braincoffey Says:

    Yes. That is OK. I grew up with Johnny and, while somewhat stilted at times, he was host you could watch easily.

    Oh. I just remembered you lived through a shooting, albeit not “right” there, but all the hub bub was there. Wow.

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