Birdie Num Num


Last week The IP had some Indian food for lunch at a place called Chutneys.  It was a good choice on such a cold rainy day, and it was nice to have a change of pace with all the colors, flavors, and odors that Indian food is known for.  So, if you are near the Fulton County Courthouse or the Atlanta Federal Center, give it a spin.

As he ate a variety of Indian food, it didn’t take long for The IP to start thinking about Indian people he has known or met in the past; but the first person that came to mind was not “really” from India…but he did play an Indian in a movie.  And this guy was way before (1968) Apu on The Simpsons.  Check him out in the below clip from the movie “The Party:”

And make sure you listen as our “Indian” protagonist practices his newly learned American Greeting, “Howdy Partner!”

Of course that is Peter Sellers, one of The IP’s favorites, and a great and more-sublte actor/comedian than many people realize.  Peter Sellers cut his teeth in radio with the BBC’s “Goon Show.”  They still play that show on BBC 7, so you should listen to it if you get a chance. 

Sellers died at age 54, but he still left us with a great catalog of work.

Blog at ya later.


One Response to “Birdie Num Num”

  1. That is priceless. I’ve not seen that movie.

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