Where The Money Is At

The Private Sector is not obligated to hire people just because they are making lots of money; they hire people when they need them for increased production. And when they make money off of their own money, they don’t need too many new people if they’ve got computers and a modern plant overseas; or even here.

Well, up above indicates where a lot of money is located at.  Should we feel sorry for taxing corporations more?  Why, if the ostensible “middle” class hates to be taxed, don’t they argue to tax the rich?  Some say it’s because, for these folks, the enemy of their enemy (the corporations that are now people) is their friend.  They aspire to that right side of the graph.

And now, just in time for the quintessential American gift-giving season, comes this horror from Rupert Murdoch’s Secret Kingdom:

Perfect Timing?


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