Georgia on His Mind (and giving him a headache)

Boy. It sure takes a lot of patience for The IP to deal with the almost daily displays of Georgia’s ultra-conservative ethos. One sentence in the short article he just read says it all:

The rule stems from a bible verse.

Geez.  Does the Bible say anything about giant, flat-screen displays?  To be honest, it looks like the GBC is loosing membership…wonder why…

WTF? How long can such biblically-based “rules” constrain segments of our society? A long time, probably. And to think such rules could again start creeping into our local, state, and national, governance should frighten you (or most of you).

The IP sees entities like the Georgia Baptist Convention as the Homeowners Association for their brand of religion.  

In a more positive vein, The IP just found a cool research site with which some of you pithecanthropes are already familiar:


Wow. Talk about lots of reading that generally will not rot your brain.  The IP is a bit embarrassed that he just now found the site. 

The IP will put a link to the same in his reference section.

Blog at ya later.


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