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Where The Money Is At

Posted in Uncategorized on November 24, 2010 by braincoffey

The Private Sector is not obligated to hire people just because they are making lots of money; they hire people when they need them for increased production. And when they make money off of their own money, they don’t need too many new people if they’ve got computers and a modern plant overseas; or even here.

Well, up above indicates where a lot of money is located at.  Should we feel sorry for taxing corporations more?  Why, if the ostensible “middle” class hates to be taxed, don’t they argue to tax the rich?  Some say it’s because, for these folks, the enemy of their enemy (the corporations that are now people) is their friend.  They aspire to that right side of the graph.

And now, just in time for the quintessential American gift-giving season, comes this horror from Rupert Murdoch’s Secret Kingdom:

Perfect Timing?


Georgia on His Mind (and giving him a headache)

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Boy. It sure takes a lot of patience for The IP to deal with the almost daily displays of Georgia’s ultra-conservative ethos. One sentence in the short article he just read says it all:

The rule stems from a bible verse.

Geez.  Does the Bible say anything about giant, flat-screen displays?  To be honest, it looks like the GBC is loosing membership…wonder why…

WTF? How long can such biblically-based “rules” constrain segments of our society? A long time, probably. And to think such rules could again start creeping into our local, state, and national, governance should frighten you (or most of you).

The IP sees entities like the Georgia Baptist Convention as the Homeowners Association for their brand of religion.  

In a more positive vein, The IP just found a cool research site with which some of you pithecanthropes are already familiar:


Wow. Talk about lots of reading that generally will not rot your brain.  The IP is a bit embarrassed that he just now found the site. 

The IP will put a link to the same in his reference section.

Blog at ya later.

Tunak Tunak

Posted in Uncategorized on November 15, 2010 by braincoffey

It’s been implied that The IP puts too much blind faith in science and that he’s spiritually bereft…those videos of space, after all, are just conjecture. So here’s a video that is more spiritually direct, and it has four of the same Indian guy to boot!!


Tomita Planets

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The IP picked up a copy of Holst’s The Planets recorded for Columbia Records’ Great Performances series (Bernstein w/NY Philharmonic). After listening to this great piece, The IP recalled a version of The Planets recorded by synthesizer artist Isao Tomita. The IP practically wore out the cassette version of Tomita’s Planets while riding his bike to and from work back in the day. The below video will either bore you or blow your mind, but it’s probably one of the better documentaries on space exploration you’ll ever see, and Tomita’s interpretation of Holst’s work is PERFECT for the viewing experience. There are lots for actual outer space photographs taken by US and Soviet spacecraft (including the Viking, Voyager, and Magellan missions), clips from NASA documentaries, fantastic computer-generated animation, and dazzling special effects. A later version was narrated by Patrick Stewart of Star Trek fame, but The IP thinks this 1993 original is perfect with just the music and captions. Watch it while it lasts: