Weird Times in The TV Past: Jack Webb Lecture Series

OK.  Here we go. The IP presents the original Tea Party President Jack Webb.  Listen to his lectures and feel the American Spirit rise in your heart.

This first one involves Joe Friday (Jack Webb) and Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan) dropping a double-team lecture on some aspiring adolescent hippies that want to start their own society like in that movie “Wild In The Streets.”  It’s a patriotic smack down for the strangely coiffed teens as they twitch and squirm against the morally charged fusillade of Joe Friday and Bill Gannon.  Gannon’s the one that mentions “mastoid scars (WTF).”

Make sure to listen to Friday’s screed against modern technology; it sounds like the stuff they are saying today.  Some things never change…

This next one is an IP favorite because it’s a relatively long solo lecture by Joe Friday about being a cop.  Being a bachelor himself, Joe understands the disadvantages of his job, perhaps a little too much.

The accused is a very young Kent McCord who Webb would later sign to play Officer Reed in the Adam 12 series.  It’s all connected:

Here is just a minute or so from Joe and Bill’s most famous lecture to the Timothy Leary clone who has his own psychedelic church.  You are advised to watch the whole all-lecture episode because it’s legendary Friday/Webb lecturing:

Finally, a classic clip from Johnny Carson that could teach a few contemporary comics a lesson in basics:


2 Responses to “Weird Times in The TV Past: Jack Webb Lecture Series”

  1. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    Thank goodness for antibiotics.
    I did not know that ear infections were a significant cause of child mortality.

  2. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    Molested kids
    Broken arm kids
    Kids who stand on rocks

    Lost kids
    Dead kids
    Even kids with chicken pox

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