The Renegades (with Jonathan Winters)

The IP was re-listening to a crazy compilation CD on the Crypt label the other day; he needed a dose of old-school rock n’ roll without singing; just guitars wailing and drums drumming.

While most of the fare on this particular CD is simply OK, two tracks, both from the same band, have such a unique sound that The IP finds himself playing them over and over every time. The name of the band is The Renegades, one of hundreds of late-1950s early-1960s guitar bands that came and went; thankfully, labels like Crypt have kept this music alive.

But unlike so many bands that left only 45s in their wake, The Renegades were featured in a movie, a clip of which The IP found on the YouTubes. The movie, said by some to be really horrible, is called The Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow (1959). The company that made the movie, American International Pictures, also had a record label, and they put out what seems to be the only Renegades 45 around.
Check out the Renegades playing in the bad movie below. Make sure to note the excitable cook who is none other than Jonathan Winters. It’s a one-word song called “Geronimo.” After that is their other song, “Charge” (also awesome). And for more rockabilly tunes, go to johnnyrazor.


One Response to “The Renegades (with Jonathan Winters)”

  1. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    I knew I’d seen that movie before!

    Now the Beau Brummels in Village of the Giants was also pretty damn good!

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