Popular Mechanics From The 1930s


This past weekend The IP and friend went to a used book store in his neighbourhood, one that is almost as famous for the horde of abandoned cats that occupies both the inside and outside of the establishment as it is for its large collection of books.  It’s not known to all that it also has a large collection of magazines down in the basement in an area the owner of the shop calls “The Inner Sanctum,” a blocked off area toward the back.  Having purchased several vintage magazines in the past after getting access to the IS, The IP usually just walks in and says he’s going to “The Inner Sanctum” and the guy nods an “OK” nod.    
But on this day The IP didn’t get to far toward the stairs leading down when the owner says “Look what just came in.”  He then brings over a big stack of 1937 & 1938 Popular Mechanics, just the kind of stuff The IP loves and has bought there in the past.  All mint, too.  And just the covers alone started to bend The IP’s mind:

The graphics in this monthly serial are phenomenal, both inside and out.  The IP was even lucky enough to score the famous “Flying Wing Cover” issue with the article on hemp, a favorite IntarWebs topic that remains unknown to many; it was a true agricultural blunder by our government. 
Some say it’s part of a conspiracy!
And rather than post pics of every one The IP scored, he’ll ask that you watch the below short clip that features the same period of Popular Mechanics…Enjoy:



2 Responses to “Popular Mechanics From The 1930s”

  1. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    Yes! Perfect era for these magazines.
    I bet the advertisintg is good, too.

  2. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    Yes! Perfect era for these magazines.
    I bet the advertising is good, too.

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