La Granja

 Hey pithecanthropes. 

In honor of the Mexican Bicentennial, The IP would like to present a cool song and video by one of his favorite “Mexican” bands, Los Tigres Del Norte.  Norteno music has really gotten a lot o’ press lately, with the sub-genre of narcorridos causing a particularly vibrant discourse in various media.

What’s interesting about the Tigres is that, not only have they been playing since the 1970s, they actually grew up and got their start in music in the area that was once part of Mexico, but was ceded to the ever-expanding U.S. after the Treaty of Guadelupe Hildago (Southern California).  Mexico had to give up over 50% of their territory based on that treaty, and more even still as the U.S. politicians kept amending it to the point of no return.  Sound familiar?

OK.  Enough biased, liberal bloviating.  On to the awesome song and video.

The song is “La Granja,” and another blog does a better job of explicating the video, so The IP directs you to the link below.  Read a bit about the song before you listen, because it evokes, in allegorical fashion, a story of Mexico that has resonated with millions.  Click on the video link on the blog before they take it away for copyright violations and shit:



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