A Can of Roma Tomatoes and Worms

“Hey! That guy gypped me for $20.00!!!”
Funny how most people don’t think that word might be a pejorative; the word “gypped” that is. Are the Gypsies themselves getting “gypped” in France? Or are they really a cultural group that deserves such historically consistent scorn:
“The real wild Balkan gypsies rarely bother about a tent, but crouch in the lee of any bush or bank that is near a water and fuel supply. Swarthy, scarlet-lipped, with black brilliant eyes, long heavy elf-locks of dead black hair, and unspeakably filthy, they are scorned alike by Serb and Albanian. The scorn they return tenfold, for they hold that they are the chosen of all races, and that none other knows how to enjoy the gift of life. One came up and boasted that he was the father of thirty-two children.”
-M. Edith Durham, High Albania,1908


Just a few minutes on the Intar-Webs will reveal a loathing for the Roma that defies rationality. Have any of you pithecanthropes encountered any gypsies? Are you willing to chime in on the topic?  Regardless of how you feel, the above photos are just two of many fantastic shots of Kosovar Roma.  Here are some informational sites on Roma culture, including the source of the above images:
Kosovar Roma Site
Good Roma Overview From Greece
And after looking at many pictures of Roma people, The IP is beginning to wonder if he has some Roma blood that came out of Poland; historically, there have been lots of Roma there; something about the noses.
Blog at ya later!



3 Responses to “A Can of Roma Tomatoes and Worms”

  1. You ask Fleischmann’s directly to comment on this topic.

  2. I always wanted to have Jewish blood. I just don’t think that’s possible with the Catholic heritage, and all. I mean, maybe further back. But Roma? I doubt it.

  3. DR. Kinbote Says:

    Unspeakably filthy? the only really unwashed people left are the Australian
    Aborgines. Lever Brothers & Colgate-Palmolive have converted all others. That lady was taken in. much as Margret Meade was by the Polynesians. So =called “primitives” enjoy fooling the anthropoligists & missionarys (that is if they dont eat them first.

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