Up On The Roof

They are constructing a “green” roof on the building where works The IP:

Right now, after having removed the all the old roof and installing a new membrane, they are putting down some insulation and the pavers for the walkways that will run on the perimeter of where they are going to plant some durable (hopefully) vegetation.  It’s been reaching about 122-degrees up there this past week.

That’s the Dahlonega-Gold dome of the Georgia Capitol Building at the top right.  All those orange containers are filled with gravel to be used in the planting arrangement, but now they are being used to keep the foam insulation panels from blowing away

The IP put on a hard hat and pretended to be “official,” that’s how he got to take some pics and have some guy show him the plans.  He was like that Abagnale guy in Catch Me if You Can:

The vegetation is gonna go in the area with the little dots.  The dry-paved walkways can be seen running along the outside of the same. 

Too bad they won’t allow any employees in the building up there for lunch or to enjoy the skyline.  WTF?   What good is a “green” roof if you can’t hang out and enjoy it?


One Response to “Up On The Roof”

  1. The Hard Hat – good thinking! I was wondering how you got up there!! They are doing a “green” roof on the Federal Building I am at in Athens as well. Would love to sneak up and see what was happening – I also think they should let us hang out up there. What real good is it otherwise? Maybe I’ll offer to water the grass and flowers – HA-HA! We have been rating their progress by how much water/leaking/flooding we have in the basement. They must have some sort of cover down because we have been dry for at least the last week! Hope all is well in the ATL!

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