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A Can of Roma Tomatoes and Worms

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“Hey! That guy gypped me for $20.00!!!”
Funny how most people don’t think that word might be a pejorative; the word “gypped” that is. Are the Gypsies themselves getting “gypped” in France? Or are they really a cultural group that deserves such historically consistent scorn:
“The real wild Balkan gypsies rarely bother about a tent, but crouch in the lee of any bush or bank that is near a water and fuel supply. Swarthy, scarlet-lipped, with black brilliant eyes, long heavy elf-locks of dead black hair, and unspeakably filthy, they are scorned alike by Serb and Albanian. The scorn they return tenfold, for they hold that they are the chosen of all races, and that none other knows how to enjoy the gift of life. One came up and boasted that he was the father of thirty-two children.”
-M. Edith Durham, High Albania,1908


Just a few minutes on the Intar-Webs will reveal a loathing for the Roma that defies rationality. Have any of you pithecanthropes encountered any gypsies? Are you willing to chime in on the topic?  Regardless of how you feel, the above photos are just two of many fantastic shots of Kosovar Roma.  Here are some informational sites on Roma culture, including the source of the above images:
Kosovar Roma Site
Good Roma Overview From Greece
And after looking at many pictures of Roma people, The IP is beginning to wonder if he has some Roma blood that came out of Poland; historically, there have been lots of Roma there; something about the noses.
Blog at ya later!


And The IP Thought Traffic Was Bad Here in Atlanta

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Have you pithecanthropes ever been in a traffic jam? Sure you have. But The IP bets you haven’t been in a SUPER CHINESE TRAFFIC JAM:
Nine days! WTF? I guess being the world’s second largest economy has it’s own issues, along with change so rapid it defies anything in history, except maybe the Incas. Here’s a scary thought:
China five years from now.


Up On The Roof

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They are constructing a “green” roof on the building where works The IP:

Right now, after having removed the all the old roof and installing a new membrane, they are putting down some insulation and the pavers for the walkways that will run on the perimeter of where they are going to plant some durable (hopefully) vegetation.  It’s been reaching about 122-degrees up there this past week.

That’s the Dahlonega-Gold dome of the Georgia Capitol Building at the top right.  All those orange containers are filled with gravel to be used in the planting arrangement, but now they are being used to keep the foam insulation panels from blowing away

The IP put on a hard hat and pretended to be “official,” that’s how he got to take some pics and have some guy show him the plans.  He was like that Abagnale guy in Catch Me if You Can:

The vegetation is gonna go in the area with the little dots.  The dry-paved walkways can be seen running along the outside of the same. 

Too bad they won’t allow any employees in the building up there for lunch or to enjoy the skyline.  WTF?   What good is a “green” roof if you can’t hang out and enjoy it?

Impressions Are More Important Than Substance

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Today The IP read a pretty cool opinion piece in the NYT from an old-school Appalachian. She was commenting on the Tennessee race for Lieutenant Governor where two men “…to a troubling degree, made Christianity a keystone of their campaigns.” That a Tennessee native sees making one’s religion a focus of a political campaign “troubling” says a lot about a lot of Southerners you never hear about. She goes on to note the constant TV ads from one of the candidates declares how “We must restore America to its Judeo-Christian roots” while the other guy tells viewers how he has “Bible study every week.”

Using one’s Christian pedigree to garner votes is not limited to The South, it’s just acute around here. Most politicians here feel compelled to wear their Christo-Conservative credentials on their sleeves, much like the Nazis wore those Swastikas. They try to appeal to the coveted Christian Conservative “base” by making sure their ads, posters, and robo-calls mention how they are “against gay marriage” and how they are “for family values.” It becomes funny when the race is between two Republitards; they each try to find some kind of weak spot in the other’s Conservative armor. In Georgia’s race for Governor, one of the candidates is spending a lot of effort to associate his opponent with, God-forbid, Gay rights: “Records prove Handel’s support of gay adoption, domestic partner benefits…” recently declared the Nathan Deal camp. Meanwhile, Karen Handel, the accused, is furiously backpedaling from what seems to be communications that make the accusation true. And to make things even more F’d up, Sarah Palin is endorsing Handel, and “Mr. Creation,” Mike Huckabee, is supporting Deal. It’s all a game of “who can seem most conservative.”

One of the more egregious portrayals of “family values” campaigning this year involves the son of Dan Quayle who is running for Congress in Arizona as a Republitard supporter of wholesome and fatherly heterosexuality. You can tell by the photo he uses in his campaign “literature:”

Now, with the little girl on his lap and the other girl gleefully engaging him, one (especially a gullible Arizona “conservative”) would assume those were Quayle Junior’s own kids. Turns out they are those of somebody else. He’s just using them to make him LOOK like he has kids. Hey, a picture is worth, at least, a thousand votes.

WTF? I wonder if Quayle Junior can spell “disingenuous.”

All this political crap calls for a distraction; a cool YouTube of one of The IP’s favorite bands. Please enjoy this awesome video of the best guitar combo outside of The Ventures. It’s The Shadows from acrost the pond in an eerie, visually low-fi version of their hit Apache: