Hipster Music

The IP has to give it up to the millenial hipsters. They’re just doing what every other generation has done; they go back in time and listen to the old shit, which used to be other people’s new shit, but they take it and make it their own. And so it goes in cycles.
The IP heard this band just by chance on a hipster show on the local college station, WRAS. It was on in the background, but he had to turn it up. WTF? It’s an amalgam of electronic sounds and electronica dance beats that is made from the past, but sounds contemporary.
The band, Crystal Castles, had their first CD in 2008, but they just dropped a new one.  Check out this track:


And here’s one of their 2008 releases. It’s a well-done BBC session that entertains, even if you don’t like the music: 


Well, you hipsters are having your day, but that crazy vocal sound originated with Nashville’s Pete Drake and his invention of the “Talk Box,” and it was later was used by Peter Frampton, not to mention the awesome 1970s Scots band Nazareth:  


5 Responses to “Hipster Music”

  1. Neederlander Says:

    Sounds like a vocoder to me (Microkorg)

  2. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    80s synthpop and generic disco-techno with the addition of punk/rock shouting vocals.

    I can’t say I like it especially. I’d rather have trance and punk compartmentalized. Nothing against hybrids, but this one ain’t doin’ it for me. The melody with the video-game tone is okay, especially when it does that drop to a “lose” note.

    There’s a lot more compelling techno out there. This song at least didn’t move me one bit on first listen. No hooks, no compelling sounds….

  3. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    The tune _Intimate_ was okay and _Celestica_ ain’t too bad.
    But Nazareth is better. CC always add some really irritating noise and the breathy girl voice is so tired.

  4. Marlone Says:

    I wasn’t that impressed by the first tune…and don’t have attention span for the other two. BUT, I was thinking JUST NOW of getting some software to make MY OWN electronic music. Would you listen to it if I did?

  5. braincoffey Says:

    That’s great. Go for it. That sounds stupid, but it’s true

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