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These Carp Are Nothing To Carp About

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CHICAGO June 23 (Reuters) – A 20-pound (9-kg) Asian carp was fished out of a waterway close to the Great Lakes and beyond twin electric barriers designed to keep them out, authorities said on Wednesday.
Dammit! Those damn Asian Carp are on their way to the Great Lakes. Chicago better come up with a new food trend for Asian Carp, or Lake Michigan is gonna be overrun with those crazy-ass fish. Maybe they could create a deep-dish carp pizza, or a Chicago-style carpdog. Some people actually do fish them and send them to Japan where those folks eat them.
You’ve probably seen the moving images of them jumping out of rivers in front of
motorboats downstate from Chicago:

It’s All About Sex

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This morning, The IP came acrost what he thought was a very compelling picture over at the LA Times:
“Shall we let badly-veiled women be free in the society corrupt our youth?” he added.
 Meanwhile, back in “The West,” pole dancing is being mainstreamed as an exercise routine and people are wearing, and debating, the merits of cone bras. WTF?
No wonder conservative Iranian clerics hate us. But with the Internets and Intar-Webs, The IP thinks the sexualization cat is out of the bag, and women in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia are going to speak with their choice of attire. Vanity is a powerful force.
In his more objective moments, The IP usually stands somewhere in between those two extremes, somewhere in between a burka and a cone bra. In his more knee-jerk (maybe more sincere) moments, he recoils when he sees female Georgia State students walking around in outfits that, if they gained 70 or 80 pounds, would make them good candidates for People of Walmart. Sometimes it looks like they are already ready for the latter. Liberty is a double-edged sword.
But isn’t it kinda stoopid that people can wear all sorts of trashy, prostitute-like clothing in public all they want, but if one chose to walk down the street naked he or she would be arrested? That always bugged The IP. Liberty in this country is moderated through entrenched and irrational moralism.   OK.  On to sexual ambiguity.

Dude Looks Like a Lady That Looks Like a Dude, And There is No Problem With That
Maybe his eyesight is failing him, but the first thing he thought when he saw the below pic was that it was of a female soccer player, not some dude from Mexico’s World Cup team:
At that small size, he thought it was a player from the WPS. Oh well. The IP just has to say that he’s seen that player here in Atlanta. He thinks she works at a Starbucks at LaVista and Briarcliff, but he could be wrong. She might be that paramedic chick that works for Station # 8 in Dekalb County. No offense intended here, it’s just that The IP has always appreciated gender ambiguity. It makes one ask that all-important question, “Why should it matter?” Not all baristas and paramedics look like Pamela Anderson, fer Christ’s sake. Nor do all men look like those guys seen on those evidently ineffectual A-Team billboards. The point here is that people are people, so why should it be…you know the song.
Finally, a little warning for you folks in The ATL who read this post before 4:00 on Saturday:
It looks like a nasty (and sexy!) line of thunderstorms is working its way in a southeasterly direction.  Keep your eyes to the sky.  There could be some “boom boom” in your “room room,” if you know what The IP’s sayin’.



Blog at ya later


Hamburger Helper Helps US

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If you watched US vs. England in the World Cup, if you “REALLY” watched, meaning you sat glued to the screen because there were really no moments to leave without missing some action, you would have witnessed an amazing goal-llllllllllllllllllllllllll!

Most of the media is portraying this Green guy as a goat, as if the shot he mishandled was “easy” and whatnot.  The IP thinks it was a good shot, and anyone who has played goalie in any sport would tell you that sometimes it’s the slower, bouncier shots that are hardest to handle.  But there is one area here where The IP has a problem:What’s with the Hamburger Helper gloves?

Jeez Louise! No wonder he couldn’t handle that relatively slow shot. Who could with those Hamburger Helper gloves? The IP figures they don’t ban them because they’re stupid and nobody sees them as an advantage.  Ironically, he later made a great goal-saving play where those gloves looked like they actually helped.

Blog at ya later.

Thanks, Charlie.

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The IP is no maven when it comes to turntabalist DJs and mash-up artists. He’s always approached and listened to their remixes with a bit of skepticism, questioning their appropriation of already recorded songs and manipulation of other musicians’ art. Well, The IP found himself giving one particular turntabilist/sampler, Cut Chemist, a lot of leeway, mostly because he came recommended by the late Charlie Gillett of BBC fame.
It was just another re-broadcast of Gillett’s World Music (always hated that term, “World Music” WTF?) show, but the fact that he actually played Cut Chemist speaks to Charlie’s amazingly open mind when it comes to listening to music. Who else but Charlie would play an unknown-to-most Nigerian guitarist and then play a Bert Kaempfert song right after it? And his voice and easy-going music commentary is mesmerizing. Or should The IP say, was. : (  VISIT CHARLIE’S WORLD MUSIC SITE

Oh yeah, about that leeway. You see, Charlie played the track “The Garden” by Cut Chemist. It’s a sampled remix of a 1960s Astrud Gilberto version of Baden Powell’s Berimbau on the Verve label. Cut Chemist deleted some of the original background and added some major percussion, as well as some cool new berimbau, cuica, and cavaquinho. The original Astrud vocals are used throughout. The IP will argue that it sounds better than the original. But that’s not all.
So, The IP goes to the YouTubes and finds a version of the song that has an anime movie that goes with the music. The IP has always been intrigued by anime, but never really got “in” to it, if you know what he means. This one was different:



So The IP has to offer a posthumous “Thank you!” To Charlie Gillett. He again worked his magic in getting him to listen to something he might not have listened to unless he listened to his show. That’s a lot of listening.

Let’s hope 4’s the charm…

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The IP is really getting into BP’s live feed now that # 4 is on the scene. It’s almost whimsical how this contraption is simply hand-labeled “4.” One assumes that means fourth attempt, which is what it is. Hey, it is what it is.


Watching the skills of the robot operators is worth the slow pace. This feed is like watching the Apollo 11 mission, except it’s got a better image and it’s actually more interesting. Those blue tubes might be the anti-freeze lines…The last time The IP watched the robots in action, it looked like they were trying to move that line close to 4 away. 4 has to go onto the sheared riser pipe.