Back in Black

When The IP read yesterday that BP’s “top kill” procedure failed, he called tomitron over at The Thirteenth Floor to let him know. But tomitron, as with most media-conscious people, responded that “top kill” still had a chance, that he was watching CNN and some talking heads were still talking as if the procedure could work.
Well, talk is cheap, as they say. The “top kill” did fail, including the “junk shot” component where they blasted assorted materials into the breach to plug the leak. Now BP’s famous live feed of the well shows black oil again flowing steadily out of the busted riser and into The Gulf. The IP says we should call in the folks from SHADO:
Not only do the operatives from SHADO go under water, they have mesh shirts too!


RIP Dennis Hopper
Just the other day The IP caught a very young Mr. Hopper in the very first episode of The Rifleman. Even in that small role as a reluctant gunslinger you can see some of what he would become as an actor. He always had this latent tension you could see and feel. See Blue Velvet, for example. The link in the last sentence is a classic Siskel and Ebert review of the movie.
One could say Dennis Hopper died too young, but he sure had a good ride; even when he starred in some real horrible stuff.



5 Responses to “Back in Black”

  1. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    I couldn’t find the cover of DESIGNmagazine that Lt. Gay Ellis was reading on the moonbase. But clearly it was an older issue, I suppose moonbases are worse than doctors’ waiting rooms or barber shops for finding current periodicals. Or they made a fake 1980 cover. Surprising they’d pay attention.

  2. Kenneth Buttercup Says:


  3. braincoffey Says:

    No! No preview PAIN!! Like “pain in the ass!” Be a man and live without it.

    But seriously, as they said in Little League, “Good eye! Good eye!!” regarding that mag. I thought the same thing, like, “WTF? I wonder if I can find that issue in the stacks.” That clip in particular is probably one of the better ones, having watched about 6 or 7 others. It has music and enough good (at times even great) moving images to keep it moving…probably faster than the real show…ala Thunderbirds as we disussed.

  4. Marlone Says:

    Don’t know what you are talking about above, probably one of the links. But hey, Blue Velvet was GREAT. By the way, it’s spelled “role.” Unless you are talking about a way to go downhill, or something to eat with the rest of dinner.

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