BP Top Kill Live

You pithecanthropes should check out the live feed of BP’s “Top Kill” mud-injection process while it’s still visible. It’s surprising how “natural” it looks, like some underwater scene from an episode of NOVA.  Hydraulics are hydraulics, whether it’s BP pumping mud into their broken blowout mechanism or some “natural” geothermal vent.

It’s hard to know what’s going on from the live feed. Only time will tell. The IP does not really want to speculate, but he thought the mud was supposed to get stuck in there rather than come spewing out of three large holes. Maybe it’s early in the processs.
Maybe it’s failing. We’ll probably know by tomorrow morning.  All they got left is that crazy and rudely named “Junk Shot” that uses golf balls and plastic doll heads and such.  It might have stuff from the 1970s too, like “clackers” and Wacky Pack gum and leg warmers and plastic Bicentenial beer cups, etc.

Blog at ya later.


One Response to “BP Top Kill Live”

  1. Marlone Says:

    Woke up in the middle of the night, thinking about the oil spew.

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