Something Fishy Going On


The IP can’t speak for the fish in the Gulf of Mexico (ask the U.S. Coast Guard), but where he lives, the fish seem to be just fine. You pithecanthropes may recall The IP talking about the little unnamed stream that runs through his neighborhood;


well, the other day he took a quick look and to his pleasant surprise, not only was the stream running clear, there were dozens of fish enjoying a nice little sand-bottom pool below a small rapid.
Click on the image (including above) for a bigger pic:

Not bad for an urban stream that has seen its share of flooding with who-knows-what mixtures of whatever nasty chemicals people put on their lawns, keep in leaky containers in their flooded basements, or whatever kind of crap on the roads and in the drains and ditches around here.
Then again, the fish in question, the ubiquitous and hardy Creek Chub, could probably live in dirtier streams anyway:
The plentiful chubs The IP saw explain the Great Blue Heron and rattling Kingfishers that have frequented the stream over the last few years.
So, to all those poor fish in the Gulf, The IP says “Good Luck,” and if you need any direct answers about the oil, talk to the corporate representatives of BP, whose expertise in deepwater drilling and diligence and honesty in handling oil emergencies is clearly evident.
Blog at ya later.



One Response to “Something Fishy Going On”

  1. Marlone Says:

    We have those same fish in the drainage ditches in H’ville, I think. And a few herons and some killdeer or something like that. I have been wondering…do streams always dry up off and on? Are there any that run constantly? Around here, they sometimes dry up. Makes me wonder about those fish!!!

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