Spring Has Sprung (a leak)

Boy, that Nashville Flood just came and went. In fact, The IP has to partly agree with the sentiments of the below YouTubes UTubementary; it really did get short shrift as far as the media coverage went.  Nashville, for cripes sake! How more American, in a kinda Southern-Cool kinda way, can you get than Nashville? Music City USA!! Sure, it’s been featured on episodes of.  COPS a lot, but it’s still cool. And probably still a bit wet, too.  Give this video some time to sink in because it features a lot of good photography. It has a Ken Burnsian/Hallmark sensibility with digital images:



2 Responses to “Spring Has Sprung (a leak)”

  1. Marlone Says:

    Thanks for posting that. I was aware of the Nashville flood and of the deaths, but hadn’t seen any images. It is a very touching piece, thanks to the Beatles music.

  2. braincoffey Says:

    Yeah. The music kinda made it more emotional that it would have been without.

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