I’m Just a Juggalo

Some of you Juggathropes may recall The IP’s post of last August where he compared a promotional video for the Juggalos’ annual “Gathering” as akin to a SNL skit; it was that “WTF!”

That post even garnered a comment from what could only be an ACTUAL Juggalo: 

Well, it took some time, but now the juggalos hit the mainstream with a feature article in the NYT AND the inevitable SNL skit:
The IP doesn’t know if it’s so great that the Juggalos are being singled out for parody. The promotional video for the 10th Annual Gathering of The Juggalos remains a landmark achievement in electronic popular culture because it’s REAL. An anthropologist would have a field day (and several actual fieldwork days) in trying to get to the cultural roots of both the Juggalos and their “Gathering.”
Juggalos that actually do the clown-face thing really do exist. Just the other night The IP was, somewhat reluctantly, going through the latest photos on People of Walmart and found these:
You guys can go to People of WalMart if you like, but it really can ruin your day.  A good example of what The IP’s means is below, and the caption is painfully honest:

Well, The IP has to tell you bitches that he discovered a Juggalo artist strait-outta-Nashille who is always droppin’ cool shit all up in the YouTubes. His name is Haystak, aka Mr. Mak Million. Check out this dope Haystak video:
Blog at ya later! 





2 Responses to “I’m Just a Juggalo”

  1. Kenneth Buttercup Says:

    Okay, I want to see GWAR, Rowdy Roddy Piper (loved They Live) , and Vanilla Ice (to laugh at or have my opinion of him changed).
    I’m not into the bloodsport, but whatever.
    I’m pretty sure I could have a good time and make some friends despite my privileged background.
    I wonder what security firm they’ve hired for the event.

  2. Dear Haystak and All Haystak Fans.

    Cincinnati Don’t Want You.

    They Want Psych.

    They Want Tyme.

    They Want Lyrics

    They Want Real

    Better Step Up Mr.

    18 Year Old Rapper Born and Raised In Cincinnati.

    This Is The Point Where Your Pissed, Check The Songs, And Start Plannin A Way To Come To My Level

    Give Them Their Money Back and Maybe You Can Still Keep Touring

    Good Luck.


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