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Back in Black

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When The IP read yesterday that BP’s “top kill” procedure failed, he called tomitron over at The Thirteenth Floor to let him know. But tomitron, as with most media-conscious people, responded that “top kill” still had a chance, that he was watching CNN and some talking heads were still talking as if the procedure could work.
Well, talk is cheap, as they say. The “top kill” did fail, including the “junk shot” component where they blasted assorted materials into the breach to plug the leak. Now BP’s famous live feed of the well shows black oil again flowing steadily out of the busted riser and into The Gulf. The IP says we should call in the folks from SHADO:
Not only do the operatives from SHADO go under water, they have mesh shirts too!


RIP Dennis Hopper
Just the other day The IP caught a very young Mr. Hopper in the very first episode of The Rifleman. Even in that small role as a reluctant gunslinger you can see some of what he would become as an actor. He always had this latent tension you could see and feel. See Blue Velvet, for example. The link in the last sentence is a classic Siskel and Ebert review of the movie.
One could say Dennis Hopper died too young, but he sure had a good ride; even when he starred in some real horrible stuff.



BP Top Kill Live

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You pithecanthropes should check out the live feed of BP’s “Top Kill” mud-injection process while it’s still visible. It’s surprising how “natural” it looks, like some underwater scene from an episode of NOVA.  Hydraulics are hydraulics, whether it’s BP pumping mud into their broken blowout mechanism or some “natural” geothermal vent.

It’s hard to know what’s going on from the live feed. Only time will tell. The IP does not really want to speculate, but he thought the mud was supposed to get stuck in there rather than come spewing out of three large holes. Maybe it’s early in the processs.
Maybe it’s failing. We’ll probably know by tomorrow morning.  All they got left is that crazy and rudely named “Junk Shot” that uses golf balls and plastic doll heads and such.  It might have stuff from the 1970s too, like “clackers” and Wacky Pack gum and leg warmers and plastic Bicentenial beer cups, etc.

Blog at ya later.

Something Fishy Going On

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The IP can’t speak for the fish in the Gulf of Mexico (ask the U.S. Coast Guard), but where he lives, the fish seem to be just fine. You pithecanthropes may recall The IP talking about the little unnamed stream that runs through his neighborhood;


well, the other day he took a quick look and to his pleasant surprise, not only was the stream running clear, there were dozens of fish enjoying a nice little sand-bottom pool below a small rapid.
Click on the image (including above) for a bigger pic:

Not bad for an urban stream that has seen its share of flooding with who-knows-what mixtures of whatever nasty chemicals people put on their lawns, keep in leaky containers in their flooded basements, or whatever kind of crap on the roads and in the drains and ditches around here.
Then again, the fish in question, the ubiquitous and hardy Creek Chub, could probably live in dirtier streams anyway:
The plentiful chubs The IP saw explain the Great Blue Heron and rattling Kingfishers that have frequented the stream over the last few years.
So, to all those poor fish in the Gulf, The IP says “Good Luck,” and if you need any direct answers about the oil, talk to the corporate representatives of BP, whose expertise in deepwater drilling and diligence and honesty in handling oil emergencies is clearly evident.
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Spring Has Sprung (a leak)

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Boy, that Nashville Flood just came and went. In fact, The IP has to partly agree with the sentiments of the below YouTubes UTubementary; it really did get short shrift as far as the media coverage went.  Nashville, for cripes sake! How more American, in a kinda Southern-Cool kinda way, can you get than Nashville? Music City USA!! Sure, it’s been featured on episodes of.  COPS a lot, but it’s still cool. And probably still a bit wet, too.  Give this video some time to sink in because it features a lot of good photography. It has a Ken Burnsian/Hallmark sensibility with digital images:


Oil Be OK?

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I’m Just a Juggalo

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Some of you Juggathropes may recall The IP’s post of last August where he compared a promotional video for the Juggalos’ annual “Gathering” as akin to a SNL skit; it was that “WTF!”

That post even garnered a comment from what could only be an ACTUAL Juggalo: 

Well, it took some time, but now the juggalos hit the mainstream with a feature article in the NYT AND the inevitable SNL skit:
The IP doesn’t know if it’s so great that the Juggalos are being singled out for parody. The promotional video for the 10th Annual Gathering of The Juggalos remains a landmark achievement in electronic popular culture because it’s REAL. An anthropologist would have a field day (and several actual fieldwork days) in trying to get to the cultural roots of both the Juggalos and their “Gathering.”
Juggalos that actually do the clown-face thing really do exist. Just the other night The IP was, somewhat reluctantly, going through the latest photos on People of Walmart and found these:
You guys can go to People of WalMart if you like, but it really can ruin your day.  A good example of what The IP’s means is below, and the caption is painfully honest:

Well, The IP has to tell you bitches that he discovered a Juggalo artist strait-outta-Nashille who is always droppin’ cool shit all up in the YouTubes. His name is Haystak, aka Mr. Mak Million. Check out this dope Haystak video:
Blog at ya later!