Things sure are getting weird in our country.  That sentence could be said with self-assured accuracy for any time in American history; things are always weird in America, and now with a 24-7, 365.5 instantaneous “news” cycle thanks to the Intar-Webs and enhanced telephony, weirdness is a hot commodity in an ever-more-jaded (and bored) populace.
The IP read an interesting piece over at Slate about the chosen lexicon of the Tea Partiers (caps definitely intended). Many of these folks are definitely weird (and educated!).

Then there was that dude with a familiar name who wanted to see our President Obama and was packin’ heat.  That was kinda weird too.

But before you start thinking that everything is weird, just realize that weird is the new normal.  Haven’t we kinda reached a cultural log jam where terms like “normal” and “weird” have no more relevance?  What happens when a large majority of the populace is weird but think of themselves as normal?
How about that story Tomitron posted on his blog, the one about the refried beans?  That was kinda weird.
See what The IP means? You’re not gonna hear about the guy who took his garbage out to the street and then went back inside to watch the evening news; unless they turn that into a reality show. The IP REALLY craves a reality show that deliberately chooses a person with a seemingly “boring” life, and just films that person in real-time, like a Warhol movie…that would be cool. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t.
Blog at ya later



2 Responses to “Weird”

  1. KennetH buttercup Says:

    McVey should have gone to the police academy.
    Playing cop doesn’t fly with law enforcement.

  2. He’s of that “type” that likes to pretend to be “official.” Little turd.

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